IMG_0024Hi lovelies. Welcome to my first ever attempt at planner blogging! I’ve recently been enamored with the world of a planner addict. I was first introduced to it by Elle Fowler’s Youtube channel a few years ago, when she introduced her Erin Condren planner. At first I thought, “That’s lovely but who spends that much on a planner!?” As she continued to film her videos, though, and I became more and more intrigued, I finally came to this conclusion: What the hell. I’m in.

I bought my first Erin Condren last month and I haven’t looked back. (I know that’s not that long but JUST LOOK AT IT).

I’ve always liked the idea of paper planners better than digital ones, but they’ve never held my interest enough to keep me organized and looking at it. But then Erin Condren came into my life and my level of productivity has definitely gone up. My stress levels have gone down. Being organized has been a godsend, and it’s been easy when I have something lovely, easy to manage, and an incredible world of fellow Planner Addicts on the internet to inspire and motivate me.

This week’s beautiful spread is mostly courtesy of My Planner Envy. All but two of the stickers are from Jessica’s beautiful theme sampler, which made making an appealing layout incredibly easy. The sticker in the top left corner of my planner is actually of my dog snuggling my foot on my parents couch; I made a whole collection of personal stickers out of some of my favorites from my personal photos and instagram. I especially love having pictures of my babies in there because there is nothing happier or more adorable. Then of course, the other odd man out sticker is the water tracker from Wendaful Designs.

You can see the collection of FREE printable stickers I comb through and collect on my Planner Stuff Pinterest board and get links directly to the printable stickers there if you don’t want to comb through the websites for those specific bunches, but definitely go look through all their other offerings!

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