It’s a new week! While I meant to post this yesterday…. it didn’t happen. Weird that things don’t fall perfectly into place, even when they’re in my planner isn’t it? Anyhow: I usually like to do my weekly spreads on Sunday morning over coffee, but there was a wrench thrown into my usual routine (doesn’t the Universe know I NEED my morning routines to survive until noon!?!) and so my planning got pushed off until last night when there was bad picture lighting and then I was rushing off to a coffee date with friends. So it didn’t get photographed and I didn’t get a blog post about it up. So today’s the day instead!

This week isn’t a busy one. I only had about 3 things planned outside of work, and a few short blurbs about things I wanted to get done. My to-do is a little short of pre-planned things, and so this spread is looking a little thin and bare bones.  But don’t worry! It’ll fill up. Last week was rough and by the end of the week, I ended up filling up some of the empty space with inspiring quotes to keep me on track, and if this week doesn’t fill up with things to do, things going on, and doodles or inspiration, I’ll probably do something similar in some of these blank spaces. I also ended up using empty bottom spaces for positive end of the day reflections. Things like “grateful thought” or “thankful thought.” Would you guys be interested in seeing the end-of-the-week results?


On to the details! I used some gold glitter tape to separate Sunday and the bottom sections. The tape was picked up from Walmart– thought it’s not actual tape/sticky. I used double sided tape to place it, and then modgepodge when I tugged and found myself at the end of the roll of 2-sided. And yes, I PURPOSELY didn’t mark Saturday off as part of the “weekend,” because it’s my Saturday to work, meaning my weekend really just consists of Friday & Sunday… though Friday is going to be busy between a vet trip for cat vaccinations, a trip to the Tag Agency to renew those yearly pests, and my Mom’s birthday. The official celebration will be on Sunday since that’s the only day the whole family can get together with work schedules and all, but I’m hoping to do SOMETHING nice for my mom on Friday. We don’t always get along, but she is my mom, you know?

I used the usual Water Tracker from Miss Wenduhh via Pinterest. I used these pretty backgrounds & text by Lily Beaches via Pinterest. All the other stickers came from this set by Full Faith via Pinterest.

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