It already feels like summer is over now that schools are back in session, even if the official end isn’t until later in September. Regardless, the upcoming week’s planner spread in my Erin Condren Life Planner still features watercolor stickers and a lot of bright, summer accents because Summer Forever, am I right?Okay. I have a confession. Fall is actually my favorite season. I love the fashion, I love the beautiful leaves, and I love the weather. Oklahoma summers are hot and often miserably so when you factor in our ridiculous humidity. I like summer in theory (who doesn’t get happy picturing all the bright colors, patio drinks, and a beautiful beach as view?) but in reality, Fall is a far more favorable season. I’m still obsessed with the bright prettiness of Summery colors in my planner though, so I’m not letting go of those just yet and you can’t stop me.

While there are a lot of things in life that I like to have a routine for (mornings, anyone?), I have yet to stick to a solid setup or plan for my planner. I like trying different setups and mixing it up beyond color schemes and themes. I have stuck to the routine of putting an inspirational image or quote in the top left hand corner where the EC planner suggests a thankful thought. I also place my water tracker beneath that, just because it’s a great, easy, convenient place and fits. And below that, I do a weekly/overall to-do because there are some things that don’t require a specific date during the week, or will span a few of them. I guess I do keep SOME routine in my planner. It works!

I like to mixup Monday a bit- I don’t see a point in putting a to-do list first there since I have the weekly one right before it, and it breaks up the colors a bit. The rest of the layout features some very lovely watercolor backgrounds and a few accent bits. I really like the way it turned out, and I’m excited to fill it in– task wise it’s pretty empty at the moment because I don’t have anything big marked in my calendar, though obviously I do have things to get done- just not anything important enough to map out right now instead of making this blog post. Ya’ll are so lucky I put you first.

Oh! Before we get the credits, the only things I wasn’t ENTIRELY happy with are the little text blobs around the bottom. I punched them out of some of the watercolor background stickers used in the squares and signify days I want to put up blog posts, and while I like the shape and the general look, the punch I have for them is bigger than I’d actually like for my planner, at least for this purpose though I think it’ll look snazzy in the squares in a future spread when I have things planned. We’ll see!


Wendaful Designs – Water tracker & watercolor stickers

Gets Moore – Quote stickers

Inspired Blush – Weekend banner

My Planner Envy – Accent stickers

(Etsy) Ladybug Designz – Custom section headers

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