Ready for some weekly planner love? I know you are. Read on to see the details of this gorgeous spread– who made the stickers, where to find them, and me gushing over how talented their creator is. Go forth and enjoy.

I’m really in love with this spread. Despite the fact that there are stickers in here that didn’t totally apply to my week, I put them in anyway because they were cute and they added an extra bit of pop to the spread. Like it? You should; every single sticker, aside from one, is from the absolutely talented Vintage Glam Studio. She is wonderful, and if you haven’t already, you MUST go check out her site. She offers tons of free items, and also has a lovely Etsy shop as well. I topped the spread off with some washi tape at the very bottom, because I really haven’t found a good use for that space, despite having tried several different things. So for now, it’s just a place for color and decoration. The quote sticker at the top left corner is from this set from Hello Ashleyann. Once it was all set up, I started filling things in with my Sharpie Pens (hands down the best planner pens, don’t even try to argue it with me 😉 ) and put my white-out roller in my pencil bag. Which was good, because I’ve already marked out and re-penciled things in as plans have changed a bit from this and the things I put in later.

What planner pens do you use? Do you need this many checklists (I like lists okay?)

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